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ChronoCosmonomy visuals

 Here are some recent images - illustrations, diagrams, etc. from the research of ChronoCosmonomy...  ChronoCosmonomy diagrams for Cosmonomy movie production

Cosmonomy is ChronoCosmonomy

  Tasciotti presents this diagram which is a part of the research for ChronoCosmonomy Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Reproduced with permission of Tony Freeth; copyright ©2013-18 Tony Freeth, all rights reserved  

ChronoCosmonomy Time Waves mapcharts


Cosmonomy (the movie)

ChronoCosmonomy is a science of the cosmos, a new view on the solar system, founded by Tasciotti, P.Ed. ChronoCosmonomy includes many new discoveries of the astro-sciences.   a.k.a. COSMONOMY a.k.a. COSMONICS